High-level Conferences and Technical Seminars
A serious of high-level conferences and technical seminars, which traced the latest market trends and technical development in the electronics industry, will be held during show period.


NB-IoT Technology Application & Integration Innovation Forum 

The 2nd Shanghai Power Semiconductor Forum

15th Automotive Electronics & Intelligent Vehicle Core Technology Forum

2017 Embedded Security Forum

2017 China Electronic Components & Materials Technical Forum

2017 Semiconductor Devices & Core-parts Manufacturers Dialog

Exhibitors' Product Promotion

2017 Intelligent Technology and Application for Household Appliances

2017 National Welding Assembly Contest - Shanghai Final


IC China Conferences

IC China Summit Forum

2018 Forecast of Global High Tech Industry Development

IC Design & Innovative Application Technical Forum

Advanced Packaging Design, Processing Technology and its Development Trend

Seminar on Networking of Intelligent Transportation and Safety Vehicles

China IC Manufacturing Industry Chain Summit Forum —Integration of Industrial Chain Advantages & Improvement of the Supply Capacity

New Energy Vehicles and Automotive Electronics

Forum on Finance, Industry and Service

Development Trends and Solutions of Advanced Packaging Materials Technology


Application Practice of Intellectual Property Rights


On-site Activities

Xi'an Jiaotong Univ. Wuhu Research Institute Construction Planning Promotion Meeting

Annual Conference on Information Consumption Innovation —Chinese Enterprise Intelligence Forum

Xi'an Jiaotong University Alumni Forum

Next Generation of Semiconductor Manufacturing Packaging Trends and Layout

Packaging and Testing of Semiconductor Industry Technical Meeting

Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. Automatic Driving, Artificial Intelligence Alumni Forum

Internet of Things Application and Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Development Summit Forum

IC CHINA 2017 New Product Release

11th Advanced Photonics Failure Analysis Technical Forum

Gowin Semiconductor New Product Release Smart Logic Customizing the Future

NI Semiconductor Testing VIP Summit Forum

Calterah Semiconductor 77GHz CMOS Millimeter Wave Radar Chip Press Release